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Episode 29 - Gotta Breathe

Episode 28 - Room In Her Phone

Episode 27 - Bonus Episode! “West World” (spoilers abound)

Theme Song Credit: Westworld Train Theme - Guitar Cover by Karn Kaul

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Episode 26 - That’s sufficient.

Episode 25 - Fruit It Up

Episode 24 - The less you tell them, the better.

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Episode 23 - Oh My God, this episode!

Episode 22 - The Icy Hand Of Death

Episode 21 - My First Scandal

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Episode 20 - It Gets Creepier

Episode 19 - Miracle On 44th Street

Episode 18 - A Riot Could Break Out At Any Moment

Episode 17 - Bonus Episode! “Star Wars” (spoilers abound)

Theme Song Credit: Star Wars Medley Violin Cover - Taylor Davis

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Episode 16 - If You Don’t Really Want To Play With Him, But You Just Want To Have Him Sitting Somewhere To Look Cool

Episode 15 - Treat The Retail Workers Well

Episode 14 - They'll send up the bartender, and he'll stay in your room all night long.

Episode 13 - Nobody cares about your third-party complaints.

Episode 12 - You don’t want to look like a fool!

Episode 11 - You people can't even give me a moment to not have to yell at you about something?

  • Drinks!

  • Derek’s 2 Reddit Picks

  • Sara’s Reddit Pick

  • Derek’s Pick of the Week

  • Sara’s Halloween Movie Countdown!

    1. The Shining
    2. The Underworld Triology
    3. Beetlejuice
    4. Practical Magic
    5. Casper
    6. Dark Shadows
    7. The Adams Family and Adams Family Values
    8. Jennifer's Body
    9. The Mothman Prophecies
    10. Hocus Pocus
    11. Corpse Bride
    12. Nightmare Before Christmas
    13. Mary Shelley's Franenstein
    14. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
    15. Bram Stoker's Dracula
    16. Interview With The Vampire
    17. Crimson Peak
    18. Sleepy Hollow

Episode 10 - Someone’s being sexually harassed, and it’s not us!

Johnny Walker Black Label: Director's Cut

Episode 9 - Don’t Let Seagulls Eat From Your Hand

Episode 8 - Don’t Bring Me Your Used Pizza

Episode 7 - You have no soul.

Episode 6 - Bonus Episode! “Game of Thrones”

Episode 5 - I Couldn’t Even Get The Tip In

Episode 4 - You want the doors to open when there’s a fire.

Episode 3 - We Do Not Sew

Episode 2 - Straddle That Line

Episode 001